My Journey in the Garden

This morning I knew I would be trying to beat time. The rain from south Missouri, being forecasted to last throughout the weekend, was due in sometime today.  Faced with that ambiguity I knew I had to be two people.

I called a friend’s daughter to come be that 2nd set of hands in the yard as I started to till the garden weeds. The last wet period had lasted long enough for my mulched garden to take on a conglomeration of weed species. To my great surprise, she brought a friend.  As the dark sky became more and more prominent, Lizzy and Maria and I worked steadily to weed the yard, flower beds and garden.

Within 3 hours, we had accomplished that and put down cardboard mulch with straw mulch.  The girls even straightened up the greenhouse for me to piddle in once the rain starts.

That is where I am now.  Listening to the rain steadily fall and praying that this bout of rain will not last as long as the previous.  But that it will be just enough to grow the delectable edibles and the beautiful flowers that sustain my joy.


2 thoughts on “My Journey in the Garden

  1. I am pleased you managed to accomplish what you wanted to, and it was lovely you had friends come and help and you got the mulching done.. 🙂 Lovely to see strawberries already fruiting..

  2. These are just starts of things that have already been planted throughout the yard. I have been picking strawberries daily for about 5 weeks now. I have 75 plants and i spaced them in rows. This gives me room to move about when picking and I don’t miss even one. When i was updating the mulch in the straberries Monday, I ate every strawberry I passed. No harvest for anyone but me that day. 🙂

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